What We Stand For

We are Marxists. We take as our worldview historical materialism, that is the mode of production, how goods are produced and exchanged, forms the basis of human society. Today, capitalism is the dominant mode of production in the world. Under capitalism, the means of production, factories, machines, raw materials, are owned by the capitalists, either individuals or corporate stockholders, yet the goods must pass through many hands during the course of production. Yet the finished commodity is the exclusive property of the capitalist. The workers for their part receive a wage, determined by the market same as any other commodity, for their labor-power. The workers consistently produce a greater value in goods in a days work then then receive in wages. This surplus value created by the worker enriches the capitalist at the expense of the workers. Thus workers can find employment so long as their labor-power creates surplus value. Finally, capitalists, in a frenzy to increase their profits, flood the market with their goods, a crisis of overproduction occurs, and production screeches to a halt. Periodic crises and introduction of technology make some workers superfluous and they find themselves out of work. These workers, the reserve army of labor, are pitted against their employed comrades to suppress wages for all workers. With every crisis, an increased concentration of capital in fewer hands, and a growing reserve army of labor.

Capitalism’s failures are becoming more apparent over time. A stark financial crash that sent millions into joblessness and economic stagnancy, is not far away in memory. The recovery is slow. The world is in a state of endless war, with deaths climbing from imperialist bombings and terrorism alike. Racism and xenophobia are on the rise, and are breeding a different form of terrorism. Even in the wealthiest capitalist nations on the Earth, millions persist in conditions of poverty, homelessness, precarity. Inequality of outcomes has never been higher, with the racial disparity in America, grotesque… and 8 individuals (all white men) controlling the same wealth as the poorest 50% of all human beings. To top it all off, incoming climate change, the result of decades of fossil capitalism and political apathy, threatens to swallow this struggling capitalist civilization whole.

As Marxists, we continually stress that the problems of the modern world can be traced back to, or made worse by, the fundamental aspects of the capitalist system. Full liberation and rejuvenation of human society will only come when that society can transcend capitalism.

We are struggling for a communist society. This does not simply mean the nationalization of production, that is only a means to an end. Communism is a classless society… where private property, wage labor, and the anarchy of production have been abolished. Communism abolishes the division of the town and the country and the division of menial and mental labor. With the means of production under the complete, democratic control of the the human population, production can be controlled on the basis of the needs of the population, rather than the profit of a small ruling class.

Communism cannot be achieved by piecemeal reforms, it can only be brought about by the revolutionary overthrow of the capitalist class by the working class. The first condition in the transition to communism is the seizure of political power by the workers. Towards this end we reject electoral activity as a legitimate form of struggle for the seizure of political power, however, we acknowledge the tactical advantage the electoral arena has for propagating our views and testing our strength.

We do not believe the historical destruction of viable socialist alternatives by US imperialism is the graveyard of communism. We believe that with the technology we have, the mass of the educated population rising, and the largest working class in history (numbering in billions) communism is now, more than ever, a viable option for a human future.

We are internationalists. We oppose imperialism in all its forms. Our loyalty rests solely with the working class of all nations. We believe all wars, even defensive wars are fought in defense of the ruling classes, and pit working people of different nations against each other. Workers of each nation have more in common with other nations, races, and ethnicities… than they do with their own capitalists.

Internationally, communists seek to abolish the oppressive relations between oppressed and oppressor nations. Relations between nations must occur on a foundation of mutual respect and solidarity.

The only tenable position for internationalists in times of war is that of revolutionary defeatism, turning imperialist war into revolutionary civil war.

Recognition of the oppression faced by historically marginalized groups. We acknowledge the dual oppression faced by women, people of color, and members of the LBGTQ community under the white supremacist, patriarchal society we live in.

We believe that the history of American capitalism and the slave trade are inexorably linked. Racist beliefs and stereotypes were perpetuated to justify the for-profit system of slavery… and such beliefs persist to this day.

While we believe that complete liberation of all people will come about by the overthrow of capitalism, we strive to fight racism, misogyny, homophobia, and transphobia in all its forms here and now. Thus, we fight for reforms and protection aimed at alleviating the suffering of these communities.

We stand beside these communities as allies in their struggle for a better life.

Organizational Independence. We maintain only the working class can liberate itself and with it, all of society. To accomplish its historic tasks, the working class needs its own political organizations. To that end we will in every case maintain organizational independence. Should we find ourselves marching with the progressive wing of the capitalist class against the egregious violations of rights and dignity that has been promised by the incoming government, we will not cease pointing out to the workers that the whole of the capitalist class is their enemy, not just the “conservative” wing. Nor will we ever endorse a capitalist party candidate for office.