Points of Unity

Red Rose Socialists Points of Unity

We are socialists

We believe that the products created by society should belong to all people, not just a handful of capitalists. While capitalism has called forth the most immense powers of production the world has ever seen, it has, due to its internal contradictions, become a hindrance on society’s development. Under capitalism, the capitalist class, either as individuals or stockholders, own the means of production – the factories, machines, and raw materials. The working class on the other hand owns nothing except their ability to work or labor power. During the process of production, the workers create more value in goods and services than they earn in wages. This surplus value returns to the capitalist as profit. Herein lies the primary contradictions of capitalism: the incongruity between wage labor and capital, between social production and private profit.

Competition among capitalists for profits forces each capitalist to maximize output whether there are buyers or not.This chaos of production creates overproduction in one industry or another which spreads to the rest of the economy thereby creating a general crisis. The result of these crises is even greater concentration of wealth among the capitalists and greater misery among the poor and working classes. Economic crisis leads to a number of workers losing their jobs. The capitalists then pit the employed workers and unemployed workers against each other to keep wages low.

We are struggling for a socialist society

We are fighting for a classless, stateless society, where production is carried out by free association. Capitalist society and its wage labor and private property is inherently exploitative. Only through abolishing wage labor can society end the exploitative relations between capitalist and worker. In order to eliminate wage labor, private property must be abolished and the means of production taken over by society. Society can then eradicate the turmoil of production through economic planning and meet the needs of all citizens. The conflict between wage labor and capital replicates itself on the international level with imperialist countries on one side and semi-colonies and dependent countries on the other. The drive for profits eventually leads the imperialist countries to war for redistribution of spheres of influence. Only socialism can eradicate the antagonism between oppressed and oppressor nations.

Socialism cannot be implemented by piecemeal reforms. It can only be realized by the revolutionary overthrow of the capitalist order. We hold that the only the efforts of the working class itself can lead to our liberation. The first condition in the transition to a socialist society is the seizure of political power by the workers. We reject electoral activity as a legitimate form of struggle.

We stand against white supremacy in all its forms.

While white supremacy is a global phenomenon, within the context of the U.S. it is particularly foundational. From the colonizing indigenous nations by Europeans to chattel slavery to mass incarceration, white supremacy has been the keystone of capitalism within America. Any revolutionary movement within the U.S. must work to abolish white supremacy in all of its forms. Whether that form is police, ICE, white nationalists organizing in our communities, or gentrification, we will mobilize to oppose and dismantle white supremacy.

We stand against all forms of oppression.

We stand against patriarchy, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, and all other forms for oppression. They will not vanish with the end of capitalism. Class unity is only possible where solidarity among all people exists. To this end, socialists support all struggles against the current state of affairs. Each particular form of oppression has its own unique characteristic and must be challenged accordingly. While we believe that complete liberation of all people will come about by the overthrow of capitalism, we strive to fight all forms of oppression as they manifest within the current conditions.

We are internationalists.

We oppose imperialism. Our loyalty rests solely with the working class and oppressed peoples of all nations against the forces of finance capital and exploitation. The capitalist class’s desire for domination and profit is the main driver of war; therefore global peace cannot be achieved without the socialist transformation of society. We also recognize the devastating effect of sanctions and embargoes as an act of violence and not as “peaceful” alternatives. As revolutionaries within the U.S., we have a particular responsibility to actively resist imperialism and stand in solidarity with the oppressed.

Organizational Independence. 

We maintain only the working class can liberate itself and all of society. To accomplish its historic tasks, the working class needs its own political organizations. We will in every case maintain organizational independence. We do not receive funding or support from any capitalist, government institution, or political party. We will never endorse a candidate from any capitalist party.