No War With Korea!

By Joseph Steelman

For decades the US Military, in conjunction with the South Korean Government, has been carrying on war games off the coast of Korea. These exercises are only reminders to the North Korean people that Uncle Sam is ready and willing to bury them in “fire and fury”. In response to continued aggression from the US, the only country to use nuclear weapons, the North Korean people set out to develop the only deterrent against nuclear annihilation, a nuclear arsenal of their own.

When Trump took office in 2016, he quickly increased tensions with North Korea. Despite his aggressive rhetoric and bombastic tweets, Trump’s stance towards North Korea is just a continuation of US policy. The only difference is that since the cease-fire in 1953, the US and its allies have generally favored economic warfare, deadly in its own right, to military war. However, North Korea has weathered all forms of economic sanctions and continues to defy Western powers that demand they surrender their only guarantee against nuclear war. The continued failure of economic warfare and increased nationalism in the United States have led to a situation where military intervention is becoming more and more likely. As they say, “War is the continuation of politics by other means”.

Red Rose Socialists resolutely opposes imperialist aggression towards North Korea and all imperialist wars. If one is truly anti-war, one must also be anti-capitalist since war is the natural outcome of capitalism. Domination of a handful of countries over the world’s resources inevitably leads to violent clashes between nations. As older superpowers, the US and Western Europe, stagnate and new powers,  Russia and China, burst into the international arena, the struggle to capture “spheres of influence” drives the whole world to conflict. The increase in killing technology ensures that a new world war will be the bloodiest conflict the world has ever seen.

We stand for nuclear disarmament; however, as long as some countries have the “right” to maintain nuclear weapons, all nations have the right to maintain nuclear weapons. Suggesting that the US has the right to maintain a nuclear arsenal, while demanding other countries surrender their defenses is simply national chauvinism. If we are serious about nuclear disarmament the US must lead the way.

Imperialist war against North Korea is another step towards global conflagration. We denounce all pretexts for war in Korea as nothing more that imperialist propaganda. In accordance with the peoples of Korea we demand:

No War in Korea!

US Soldiers out of the Korean Peninsula!

Peace Treaty to end the Korean War!

Korean Reunification Now!