About Red Rose Socialists

Red Rose Socialists was established to bring socialist action and ideas to the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area.  Red Flag Politics is the website of Red Rose Socialists.

We are an independent socialist group in Lancaster county with a broad commitment to Marxism and community action, and we seek to catalyze working class consciousness and advancement. We want to organize as many people as possible to fight poverty, war, police brutality, pollution, white supremacy, and ultimately the social/economic system which underlies and exacerbates all these problems: capitalism.

We Are Marxists. As we see it, society is shaped overwhelmingly by the system it uses to produce and distribute its wealth. Further, we see that history is a constant struggle between the tiny percentage who control society’s wealth, the ruling class, and the great majority who do the actual work, the working class. Around the world, billions of workers create everything we use, yet the final product is the sole property of the ruling class.

We Are Struggling for a Communist society. In a capitalist society, the means of production are controlled by an elite who organize the economy for their own benefit, a system that by its nature must exploit working people. We believe in a truly democratic society where there are no classes and no wage labor, one where the means of production are controlled by and for working people, and where production is carried out rationally to meet human needs. A communist society is a society without the exploitation of the many by the few. This society cannot be achieved through mere reform, only through a revolution carried out by the working class against the ruling class. The determination of the ruling class to keep its power and wealth makes change by other means impossible.

We Are Internationalists. We oppose imperialism in all its forms, military, economic, and cultural. Our loyalty is solely to the global working class. We believe wars are fought to enrich the ruling class by pitting the working people of different nations against each other. Workers of all nations, whatever their background, have more in common with each other than with the ruling class of any nation.

We Recognize the Oppression Faced by Historically Marginalized People. While as communists we emphasize the common interests of workers of all nations in the struggle against capitalist oppression, we also recognize our duty to fight the oppression faced by historically marginalized groups. To this end, we unequivocally support the global struggle against white supremacy and patriarchy in all forms.

We are Independent. Only the workers can free themselves from capitalist oppression. Thus, we reject any notion that a capitalist party can liberate the working class. To this end we resolve to maintain organizational independence from all capitalist parties and entities, and rely solely on the support of the workers.

Our highest value is solidarity among the oppressed peoples of the world, the global working class. Our faith rests solely with the working class and its ability and need to change everything. We beseech you, and all those seeking a better world, to join us!

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